​How Do I Place An Order?​

If you see something in the shop, just click on it and have it delivered to you within 10 days and if you have something specific please go to the contact section and email us what you are looking for us to complete for you.  We will then help you go through the process of picking what would look best and make sure it's the perfect size for what you need!


Payment & Shipping

Shipping is quick and easy! We ship throughout the United States and we will have the piece to you within 2 weeks in almost all cases (speciality orders may take a bit longer).  

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards!


We do offer refunds on returns, if and only if, there was a mistake on our end (wrong string color/wrong color board/ wrong board size/ etc). Refunds are given when the item is returned to 304 Taylor Ln, Lincoln University, PA 19352 or at an agreed upon location.  Under no circumstances will you be permitted to keep the board and have a refund due to you. We work very hard to make sure this never happens, but we are human and mistakes do happen. 


Our basic pieces range from 12x12 to12x48 and 8x8 to 8x36, but have done custom pieces that range in size from 24x24 and 36x48 or BIGGER. 



We have 8 stain options that include Whitewash, Gray, Cherry, Medium, Ebony, Beechwood, Nude, and Dark.


String Color

We use Aunt Lydia's crochet thread and have 35 colors to choose from: Pink Orchid, Hot Pink, Victory Red, Burgundy, Fudge Brown, Copper Mist, Russet, Goldenrod, Golden Yellow, Silver, Forest Green, Myrtle Green, Olive, Mint Green, Peacock, Aqua, Blue Hawaii, Delft Blue, Dark Royal, Navy Blue, Purple, Wood Violet, Pumpkin, White, Black, Beige, Rainbow and many more.


Thank you for shopping with us!